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Small works, big ideas….Artist Trading Cards

red yellow eyeArtist Trading Cards are  miniature works of art, the same size as baseball trading cards, 2.5 x 3.5.”  At any given moment Misty has about 200 of them in various states of progress.    She uses this small format to stay playful, and often make work that would be difficult to produce on a larger scale.   She uses paint, collage, old books, wallpaper, and found images, as well as her own prints and drawings.

ATCs were originally created to be traded with other artists.  There are groups of ATC artists/traders all over the world.    While artists love to trade with other artists,  sometimes people also want to buy their cards.  ATCs that are purchased are called ACEOs (art cards, editions & originals).  Art Cards are are a great way to collect art work on a small budget.

 Click HERE to see ACEO’s that are available for purchase.



3 thoughts on “art trading cards

  1. Hi Misty! I came across your name as someone who is “followed” by the Austin Jerry’s Artarama. I enjoyed browsing your site, and mentioned you in my blog at so others can find you, too! I’d love it if you’d visit and join… we could post your art cards there, too, if you’d like to. The community is just getting started, but we hope to grow. Let me know if you ever get over to Austin. We’re having a monthly art card meetup at Jerry’s, if you can ever time a trip. Peace, David

    1. Thanks, David! Forgive my delay in responding — I’m so glad you found my blog and I would love to meet up with you guys in Austin! I’ll touch base with you — hoping to make it down there soon. -Misty

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