bastille day

bastille day 2002
bastille day 2002

It was seven years ago that he and I were sitting on a huge lawn with thousands of other people from all over the world. It was our first trip to Europe, and it just so happened to be one of the most magical days of my life.


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2 thoughts on “bastille day

  1. Hi!

    I may be a distant relative to you. I visited Kansas in 2006 and met Mary Foster, who I know I’m related to through our swedish ancestry.

    Anyway, Mary mailed me info about a gallery that you and another guy where having. I visited your online portfolio and I was impressed! Although “one domensional” in your style (excuse me for being amateurish), you express different moods and depths in your paintings. I also liked the names you’ve given the paintings (do you learn that in art school?). I hope this get’s through as appreciation of your ability – that’s my intention, but since english isn’t my mother tongue, I’m not sure…

    I have been in Paris on their national day also. That was in 1993. I have never – before of after – seen so many people in my life. They were everywhere and it felt like they had come from all over France to be there that day. It was a warm sunny day. There was a buzz and people were feeling good about themselves. A day to remember.

    So. It was nice to see your work and I hope that you’ll “break through” as an artist (if you haven’t already?)! I’ll check back to see if you do 😉

    Ragnar, Uppsala, Sweden

  2. Thanks, Ragnar! So great hear from our family in Sweden! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. And, to answer your question, no they don’t teach you how to give titles to your art in school. At least, not where I attended university. The titles come from the content of the art work. Some are more obvious and some are more “in code.” Some are more humorous, and some are more serious. But they all do have meaning. If you’re ever curious about a particular work of art, let me know and I”ll fill you in on the story.
    Take care!

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