fresh paint studio

Fresh Paint Studio is the working studio of artist Misty Oliver-Foster.  The Studio is where Misty makes her own art work, as well as where she creates designs for clients.  Here is what you can find on this site:

Misty is known for her expressive contemporary paintings, full of depth, texture and layers of symbolism. Visit the art page to find out more about her work.

Join us for exciting workshops for the Summer of 2017 – including Abstract Painting, Art Journaling, Acrylic Painting Techniques and Relief Printmaking. 

Fresh Paint Studio Specializes in contemporary murals for commercial or public spaces. Find out more and see the latest murals at on our Mural Portfolio page.

Fresh Paint Blog: Find out more about Misty’s process, events, inspiration, daily routine, ongoing projects and the life of an artist.



  1. tolliwest · July 18

    Hello, I met you at your G.S. and would love you to call me so I can plan on attending an Abstract art class. 214.624.4279 Thanks!

    • Fresh Paint Studio · July 18

      Hi, Tolli! I’d love to have you join me. Details about each class can be found on each class’ page. Call me if you have any questions.

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