Fresh Paint Studio specializes in high quality, modern murals for public and commercial spaces. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind mural, with great attention to detail, then call us. Each project is handled individually to give you a unique work of art.  Here are some samples of our latest murals.  Click on any image for a larger view and details about each mural.

Public and Commercial Projects

City of Frisco Convention & Visitor’s Bureau – iHeartFrisco project, Frisco, TX
City of McKinney – public mural project, McKinney, TX

Cain Watters and Associates, Plano, TX

David Kesel, CPA, McKinney, TX
Agape Clinic, Dallas, TX
Eye Level Learning Center, Frisco, TX

Eye Level Learning Center, McKinney, TX
Eye Level Learning Center, Southlake, TX
Frisco High School, Frisco, TX
Staley Middle School, Frisco, TX
Rogers Elementary, Frisco, TX
Holistic Harmony Wellness, Carrollton, TX
Lomonaco Family Chiropractic, Highland Village, TX
Denton Bible Church, Denton, TX
Windom Baptist Church, Windom, TX
Feed Sack Restaurant, Windom, TX
Chef’s Table, Wichita Falls, TX
Silver Rattle, Lewisville, TX

Consultation & Fees

Mural Prices vary, depending on the size, location, style and the surface on which they are painted.   The only way to give an accurate quote for your project is to schedule a consultation on location.

The sketching and design process is extremely important to a satisfactory finished product. Since each mural and art work is completely unique and made to suit its environment, much research and many drafts are made before the design is finalized. This ensures a beautiful final design that you will appreciate for many years.   Sketches will be done for each project, with final approval by the client before the project begins.   The average time for completing a final sketch for a large mural is 2-4 weeks. Actual painting time varies upon the size of the project.

Please note that we accept commissions for public and commercial clients only.  If you are interested in murals for your residence, please see our LINKS page for two excellent artists that accept Residential commissions.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact Misty at or 214-384-7200.  Thank you!


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