art city austin

Art City Austin 2011
Art City Austin 2011

I got to spend this past weekend exhibiting at Art City Austin, enjoying a great location right at the intersection of the 1st Street Bridge and Caesar Chavez streets.

It was great hearing what attracted people to my work, and it’s always interesting how different artworks affect different people.  Of course, most people knew right away if they even wanted to wander into my booth– if they were afraid of color, then my art wasn’t for them.   But those who have a passion for color like I do, came on in and took some time to study the layers in my work.  They were often impressed by the depth of color in my work.  A lot of my works have many layers of paint — (sometimes one or two entire paintings) underneath the surface.   I also use glazes in my work to create transparent layers, which really help to make the colors deep.   It’s really hard to get good photographs of my work, and seeing them in person is the only way to truly appreciate the depth of color.

I met a lot of great people — gave away hundreds of business cards, and sold several works of art.  Thanks to Patrick, Ellie, Colleen, Remi, and Katherine for their patronage and encouragement!  Austin has been one of my favorite places to visit for the past couple of years, and Art City Austin was a great place to show my work.